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Strategic IT services for CEOs, CIOs, and IT leaders

virtual cio

More than ever, information technology is critical to almost every organization's operation and growth. That's why every company needs a CIO, regardless of size. But not every company needs or can afford a full-time CIO. Our virtual CIO service provides business leaders with an independent IT expert that can provide advice and guidance that is scaled to your business needs and budget.

business analysis

Using proven business analysis techniques, we’ll identify your business needs and determine solutions to your business problems.  Using brainstorming, focus groups, interviews, workshops, surveys and other discovery approaches, we’ll capture your true needs, and then determine how best to meet those needs: through automation, process improvement, organizational change and/or policy development.

strategy & roadmap

Whether your business objective is to deliver better service, reduce risk, cut costs or “all of the above,” you need an IT strategy and roadmap in order to be successful.  We’ll help you develop a customized strategy and roadmap by assessing your current IT capabilities, determining what it will take to accomplish your objectives, and laying out a plan to get there that fits within your budget.

it sourcinG

You know what you need to do, but deciding between multiple options or finding more than one option is proving difficult.  As independent consultants, we can help you narrow multiple options and choose the best solution for your business needs.  And as career IT professionals we can also use our experience, expertise and well-developed network to seek out and give you viable options from which to choose.


In today’s business environment, the Internet offers opportunities both exciting and full of potential, but also exposes threats both seen and unseen. Protecting your information, your customers and your brand are important, and understanding where your biggest risks to those assets are is where we'll start. We'll teach you how to identify, assess and prioritize your cybersecurity risks, as well as get you started on a plan to address them.

program/project management

Organizing and overseeing an IT program or project is time-consuming but is critical to its success.  Whether you need help managing several related projects or just one, we’re experts at planning and organizing a project and its resources. This includes identifying and managing the project approach, forming the best possible project team, and efficiently guiding the team through all phases until project completion.